FrantOlio Acri

A story made of passion for oil.

The Acri Oil Mill was born in Rossano (CS) in 1952, founded by the founder Giovanni Acri (born October 1, 1895, father of fifteen children). In 1967 he passed to his son Domenico, in 1981 to his son Giovanni. A legacy made of passion for olive and oil, handed down with the secrets of the trade. The mill started with traditional techniques: the milling, in fact, was carried out with large wheel-shaped granite stones pulled by a horse, to which the progenitor gave the name of "Peppin". Today the company is in step with the times and uses the latest machinery.

Behind every company there is a story

and in this case the name is already a program, because it contains both the activity of the Frantoio, and the marketing of the oil: the Frantolio Acri is located in Rossano, in the northern Calabria in the province of Cosenza and was founded in 1952, from Giovanni Acri whose name it bears, a man from another century, having been born in 1895. The family history that covers more than half a century tells that in 1967 the activity passed to Domenico, one of the 15 sons of the founder, for then switch to his nephew Giovanni in 1981.